Skulls in Fashion and Why We Love Them. 3 Ways How To Style Them

Skulls in Fashion and Why We Love Them. 3 Ways How To Style Them

Skulls can fascinate and repel in equal measure. Most ancient societies attached deep meanings to them, ranging from death and mortality, toughness and bravery, life-and-death struggle. Today, people tend to associate skulls with death and evil, but its lovers wear them to evoke feelings of mortality and power.

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In the 15th century, people adorned themselves with skulls and skeletons to remind them of their mortality, creating the "memento mori" term, which loosely translates to "remember you must die." Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, and Maya used the skull to symbolize the cycle of death and rebirth.

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The Elizabethan period in Europe saw skulls without the jaw portion or fashioned into “Death’s Head Skull” become a membership symbol for the underworld society. In modern-day times, some gun clubs, motorcycle gangs, and other groups considered different from the regular society use this skull symbol as part of the insignia. People associate them with death, defiance of death, evil, poison, danger, and piracy.

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These ancient celebrations have evolved to "Day of the Dead" and  "Dia de Los Muertos" celebrations in parts of Latin America and Mexico. These celebrations coincide with "All Saints Day" and "All Souls Day" celebrations by the traditional Catholic observances with the symbol observed with the "sugar skull" candy. The jewelry can be elegant, worn for aesthetic purposes, or even dark magic practices.

What Does Skull Symbol Mean?

The most obvious meaning is that they symbolize the power of life and death as it is what remains of the human body when everything else has rotten away. Today, skulls feature prominently in modern tattoo art, print graphics, and fashion (accessories, clothing, and jewelry).

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In the fashion world, people often ask, “what does skull jewelry mean?” Alexander McQueen, a fashion designer, uses skulls as a memento mori to represent the fragility of creation and serve as a reminder of death in his creations. Skulls aren’t merely a fashion statement to represent teenage rebellion.alexander mcqueen ring

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Artists like Damien Hirst use skulls for art, calling into question our convictions on boundaries that separate life and death, desire and fear, love and hate, reason and faith. In his work called "For the Love of God", Damien decorates skulls with diamonds and explores the relationship between life, death, and art.

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"For the Love of God" from bentley&skinner

From Aztecs to Christianity, skulls are a reminder of death, carrying an important message that time is limited and should seize the moments to live life to the fullest. It also symbolizes a hopeful celebration of everlasting life.

Skulls remind us that we all, poor and rich, share one common fate. It symbolizes equality since kinds and beggars all have skulls that look just the same.

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People who live outside the regular society use skulls to off their bravery and toughness. It represents a rebel who plays by their own rules, both good and bad.

Why is Skull Jewelry Popular?

Fashion is intriguing fun but can at times get confusing. In the past, people wore skull jewelry for many reasons, including as a "memento mori," begging for protection, honoring mysterious creatures, and keeping evil spirits away. While some still do it for those spiritual reasons today, most shop for skull jewelry as a fashionable accessory and to attract attention.

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Hollywood and musicians have set a trend of using skulls to represent morality and not death, attract people, and acknowledge fate, popularizing skull jewelry in the fashion world. The jewelry is not purely for men but is a trend that appeals to women alike. Most of the items are in sterling silver or gold, which can be worn as a ring, bracelet, or necklace. Whichever style they come in, from basic to gothic jewelry designs, skull fashion is prestigious.

3 Stylish Ways to Wear Skull Jewelry

1. Skull Bracelet

What makes a skull bracelet so great? What is the meaning of a skull bracelet?

Bracelets are ancient pieces of jewelry worn by confident, powerful, distinguished, and rebellious men and women. They come in varying materials, shapes, and sizes, with the most popular ones made from gold, beads, silver, and leather.

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On what occasion can you wear a skull bracelet, you may ask. Well, matching a skull bracelet with clothes isn’t a daunting task. Skull bracelets are ideal both for dressy or casual occasions. The best way to style a bracelet is to go simple but consistent with your style, conforming to your dress code. Silver and bracelets are ideal for dressy, classy, and formal office attire. Leather and sterling silver go well with casual wear like jeans.

2. Skull Ring

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Brutal Skull Ring from Men Shop Lungdun

Skull ring is a timeless fashion feature that will hardly change with time. Bikers were the first to discover them and would craft from melted coins. Today, they are worn by many other people, including famous musicians like Keith Richards. These rings are solid and durable, constructed from various metals, but the sterling silver finish is the most popular. The collection comes in varying sizes, weights, and designs.

These rings are roughened, engraved, embossed, blackened, matter, bejeweled, everything out there necessary to make an incredible skull ring. Both men and women wear skull rings, be they wealthy executives, rebels, rockers, pirates, or bikers. It also makes for a great engagement or wedding band. Men look tough when they wear them, but as for women, they look so darn cute and spunky when they wear them on their elegant little fingers.

3. Skull Necklace

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Men`s Skull Necklace from The Great Frog

Skull necklaces are worn as statement pieces and as a status symbol. For men, a chunky 20" long and above chain is preferable to achieve a masculine look. Women wear their skull necklaces with long chains, which are finer than the gents.

The preferable choice due to sustainability and affordability is solid sterling silver. The more intricate the skull necklace is, the more expensive it is. It is built strong enough to last a lifetime while serving cool looks. This accessory is perfect for a casual weekend hangout look, everyday wear, or motorcycle rides.

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Skulls are cool and versatile. They can be on jewelry, shoes, belts, apparel, bags, and even on contact lenses. There is no place exempt from the skull fashion sense. Skulls are no longer a punk's reserve; you will find them on classy and sophisticated catwalks by designers like Alexander McQueen. Express yourself by incorporating skulls into your wardrobe no matter where you are.